Marketing Execution

 How does outsourced marketing work?


JUMPSTART Your Marketing

Want to generate more leads? Build market awareness? 

Don’t know where to start? 

Sound like you?

Outsourced Marketing Department

We’re an outsourced marketing department for small and mid-sized B2B companies who need complete marketing solutions on a limited budget. It’s a complete marketing department on a fractional basis – to drive your marketing results.

Here’s how it works:

We start by building a plan – fast.
In a matter of weeks, we leverage your market and competitive knowledge (no need to reinvent the wheel). Then we add in our B2B marketing expertise and together, distill a marketing strategy and one-year road map.

Next, we execute the plan.
In essence, we become your marketing department, working onsite with your team to get an intimate understanding of your culture and industry. We own the execution of the marketing road map for a year, putting your marketing activities into play and delivering real results in a limited time frame.

There’s no better way for small and mid-sized B2B companies to accelerate marketing with limited risk and cost.


Marketing Accelaration Program

Whether you need sales materials, awareness building activities or a lead generation SWOT, TJ Group Corporation Acceleration Program may be the solution you need. You get expert marketing planning and a specialist team to deliver 100 days of execution to jump-start your marketing.




We support B2B Companies To Grow
We’ve spent the last year helping over 50 B2B companies get 40% to 100% more leads per year.