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TJ Grouop Corporation approach is fact-based and practical, taking both market realities and internal resources into account.

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Is your marketing working?

Done right, it’s a key revenue driver for B2B companies. Mezzanine’s accelerated Marketing Planning process has delivered results for 200+ organizations.



Over the last decade, over 200 Business-to-Business (B2B) companies have used Mezzanine’s Accelerated Marketing Planning process to create an actionable and strategic marketing plan.  The process is proven, practical and rapid.  We access and leverage your company’s existing marketing knowledge and deliver our B2B strategic marketing knowledge to create a focused, actionable road map that raises awareness and generates leads for B2B companies.


The Accelerated Marketing Planning process includes 5 steps:  

An assessment of your current marketing and branding, to identify what’s working and what can be leveraged



Benchmarking of your current digital marketing to identify metrics and opportunities



A one-day marketing planning workshop facilitated by a Mezzanine B2B Marketing expert (anywhere in US and Canada)



Interviews with target prospects to confirm their buying process



Evaluation of direct and indirect competitors to understand their offering


Within 3 weeks, you’ll have a refined and distilled marketing strategy, a one-year action plan that details marketing tactics for connecting with your audience, a calendar to manage your marketing activities, a budget that guides your investments and a scorecard to measure your success.

Want to put strategic marketing to work for your B2B company?  Contact us for a free, no obligation assessment. 


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